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In other words, it is software you use in your work and that is hosted on a remote server. Simply said, you rent it.

If your company, at the moment, does not have available funds to buy expensive software, or you have not yet decided which product suits you in solving tasks in logistics, manufacture or control, the SaaS solution would be the best one.

It looks as follows.

You transmit all the data to be processed by the software to the "cloud", and operators and managers will be able to work online through the web browser or application.

Payment is made in the subscription fee mode: every month, or for a certain volume of operations (for example, based on the number of vehicles in the car fleet and the operations connected with their use).

At the initial stage, we will conduct all the necessary consultations, define the necessary functional, operating modes, the need of connecting additional software and hardware systems (GPS, controllers, and sensors). After that we will enter primary data into the system, conduct tests and integration with the accounting systems (1C, ERP, etc.).

That's all, it's ready for use.

SaaS key benefits:

  • There is no need to buy or expand a server farm;
  • Access to the system or software from any point connected to the Internet;
  • You can apply the solution as often as required, i. e. you do not need to buy a steady-state solution and wait until it is repaid;
  • The system is completely analogous to the stationary software, it is integrated and synchronized with any other hardware and software solutions.


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