Vehicle automation by TMS programs enables GPS monitoring of the automobile transport (with further drawing of current automobile location on the map online) by the enterprise dispatching departments. Possible division of vehicles by groups, zones, and tasks. Moreover, the automatic informing about free vehicle available, actual route changes etc. are available.

The used GPS equipment may operate together with the different sensors. Besides, it ensures the connection to CAN and ODB II bus with the possible data exchange with the accounting system in online mode.

The possible control of information received from sensors is not limited to the vehicle. Among other things, the system enables the accumulation of information about the transported freight. The temperature control function is the most demanded one. It is critically important when it comes to logistics and storage of:

  • deep-frozen foods.
  • pharmaceutical industry.
  • animals transportation etc.

The monitoring of perishable goods temperature during their transit is of the highest priority. The offered solution is based on the telemetry data integration and easily adapted to the customer needs enabling the realization of the following functions:

  • detection and control of several temperature zones condition, reading of data on their leak tightness (door opening/closing).
  • authorization of access to the cargo tank.
  • freezing∕defrosting cycle management, monitoring of cooling unit condition.
  • keeping track of the validity of drivers' medical records and goods certificates.
  • data optimization of delivery, management of goods batches, unloading/loading control.
  • convenient forms of reports, immediate access to the data, storage of event history, possible tracking of temperature regime history for every separate group of goods.

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